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Solution Saturday: Stress Free Problem-Solving

Too much problem-solving is a problem. Dis-empowered employees want you to solve their problems for them. Successful leaders help others solve problems. (This post originates with a problem-centric-email I received. It only took 30 minutes… Continue reading

You Don’t Have to be Man’s Best Friend

Everyone disdains leaders who are in it just for themselves. Self-absorbed leaders destroy relationships, disengage employees, and diminish results. Brave leaders build relationships. Cowards use distance and fear to control. Fear drives disconnection, but… Continue reading

Solving The 12 Dumbest Things Leaders Do

The most important thing you do happens after you do something dumb. #1. Focusing on low performers while neglecting high performers. Solution: Spend most of your development resources on “B” performers. Reward “A’s.”… Continue reading

10 Ways to Solve Real Problems

Solving the wrong problem doesn’t help. Helping in the wrong way wastes time and resources. Worse yet, helping in the wrong way usually blows up in your face. Even though it might be… Continue reading

Finding Your Greatest Contribution

The worst thing in life is recurring frustration that could be avoided. In life, everyone repeats until they learn. Your greatest contributions are the answers you find while navigating tough times – storms. The… Continue reading

12 Steps That Make Anything Better

Babies cry. Big boys and girls work to make things better. The essential ingredient of any real problem is the definition of better.   “A problem only exists if there is a difference… Continue reading