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Celebrate Failure

If you’ve been around leadership circles very long you’ve learned the importance of celebrating small wins. What about failures? Celebrating failure creates environments where people dare to try. If all you do is… Continue reading

Ten ways to ask

You’ll inevitably need to ask a leader/manager for: resources, help, decisions, or to adjust to your needs. It may be as simple as adjusting your schedule or as complex as dedicating company resources… Continue reading

Golden oldie-The window anger opens

Repost of the third Leadership Freak article. Anger exposes you Vein popping, face reddening, voice raising moments are potent opportunities for leaders.  I’m talking about that employee, son or daughter, neighbor, co-worker, boss,… Continue reading

Character based or behavior based leadership

On August 5th the Leadership Freak community generated a record number of comments when they answered the question, “What top three leadership qualities should every leader have?” Check out the post, “John Spence… Continue reading

Email is a monster

Stop in, you could win. Tomorrow, August 11, 2010 I’m reviewing the book “Awesomely Simple.” In addition, the author John Spence is giving away three signed copies. I recently sent an email to the leaders… Continue reading

Helping others give you great ideas

Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. However, great ideas are more than personal opinions. Great ideas enable individuals and organizations to fulfill their vision. Before asking for input, explain the vision. *****… Continue reading