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7 Questions to Create a Bold Vision

You need a destination – a bold vision – to get where you want to go.

There’s always a bit of aimless wandering in life. But there are powerful moments of clarity along when we imagine a possible future.

The Road to Magnificent Living

Imagined life persecutes current life when big dreams devalue small practices. Dream it – achieve it, is a malicious lie until you act. The road to magnificent living is paved with action, not… Continue reading

5 Proverbs for People with Big Dreams

#1. An average person in motion is better than a lazy genius with big dreams. #2. Talk inflates. Action humbles. A long list of past and current actions validates character. A long list… Continue reading

The Power of Wishful Thinking

I stood beside the sink and marveled while dad proved his manliness. He whipped lather in a cup with a steaming shaving brush. His face disappeared in glorious white foam. The swipe of… Continue reading

Things that Ruin Leaders

Losing yourself and finding yourself ruins leaders. Most of us are still finding ourselves. We live to please our parents, teachers, bosses, lovers, and friends. It’s healthy to please others but devastating to… Continue reading

How to Lean into the Curve – Lessons two Horses Taught Me

I don’t remember wanting a horse, but one day a white gelding showed up for me to try out. Like some people I know, he loved going fast. Once he got up to… Continue reading