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Weekend Update: 9/6/2021 to 9/10/2021

This week I wrote about everything from recognition to reputation. It was a special joy to share some reflections on the leadership of Sir Ernest Shackleton. I’ve read many articles about him and… Continue reading

Weekend Update: 8/30/2021 to 9/3/2021

This weekend I’m thinking about the relationship between engagement and intervention. A leader who intervenes too frequently lowers the engagement of the team. People are usually glad to let a leader answer their… Continue reading

Weekend Update: 8/23/2021 to 8/27/2021

I’ve talked with 100s of leaders over the years and here’s the good news. They’re all different. Any belief that you have to be like someone else is misplaced. Adopt best practices, but… Continue reading

Weekend Update: 8/9/2021 to 8/13/2021

This week the phrase, “Inappropriate persistence,” came to mind. Getting stuck is the result of inappropriate persistence. I’ve been there. How about you? Learning is an opportunity to defeat inappropriate persistence. And now… Continue reading