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Let go – 4 Remedies for Exhausted Control Freaks

My wife thinks I’m a control freak. I reject this spectacular exaggeration. It’s true I can’t let go of control, but I’m no freak about it. Just before she took off on errands… Continue reading


How has your leadership changed? My wife brought the topic up yesterday. I turned the topic back to her. “How do you think I’ve changed?” She said, “You’re more of a leader and… Continue reading

How to Control Your Control Freak

Control freaks are bullies even when they smile. Anything less than compliance offends them. You’re a control freak if you: Believe perfectionism is the same as excellence. Get irritated when people don’t adapt… Continue reading

7 Secrets to Leading Through Turbulence

I chartered a sailboat for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It was clear, sunny, and we could see the shores of St. Croix, when the captain invited me to “take the helm.” Even a… Continue reading