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Make Your Number One – Number Two

Image source “How do you get people to pull you, rather than you pushing them?” The question came from a leader in South Africa on a recent Skype call. Don’t waste your leadership… Continue reading

Secrets to Leadership Development

The more time you dedicate to developing leaders the more successful you’ll become. Successful leaders develop leaders. You may think your job is explained in a list of responsibilities that include oversee financials,… Continue reading

The Rule of the Needle

* Failing is easy – chase urgencies and neglect priorities. Success is found by passionately doing what matters most. ***** The thing that matters most for leaders is building other leaders. If you… Continue reading

Secrets to Building Great Leaders

If you plan to achieve great things you must develop great leaders. How to fail: The break-fix model seldom develops greatness. The break-fix model is problem-centric and backward-facing. Break-fix works for systems and… Continue reading