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The Dark Night of the Soul

Everyone descends into the dark night of the soul a time or two or three. Some absorb the darkness. Others rise. This post is about the difference. The difference between everyday blues and… Continue reading

How to Make People Feel Powerful

Image source Dominant, controlling leaders complain about helpless followers. They say things like, “No one takes initiative.” The more control you exercise, the less power they feel. The more you say, “No,” the… Continue reading

Ten Tips for Overcoming Discouragement

Bubbly people drive me crazy. They’re out of touch with themselves, others, and the world. Leaders who never feel discouraged are incomprehensible. *** Don’t trust anyone who’s always happy, excited, or pleased with… Continue reading

Walking the Leadership Tightrope

I’m so committed to pressing into the future that it’s hard to enjoy the present. You can’t lead if you aren’t dissatisfied. How are you navigating the leadership tightrope between what is and… Continue reading

Those who Discourage Destroy

It’s easy to deflate others. But, it takes skill to lift people. Leaders encourage – losers discourage. Discouragement comes quickly, easily, and without thought. Encouragement – positive momentum – is a fragile flame that requires… Continue reading