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How to Escape Toxic Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction grows in the gap between aspiration and reality. Dissatisfaction that lingers in the gap between aspiration and reality defeats aspiration. You begin to think, “Why try?” Dissatisfaction is boredom with sameness. Dissatisfaction… Continue reading

10 Ways to Listen to the Black Dog

Bob Sutton gave me permission to be self-critical. He didn’t intend to, but, I felt great about being hard on myself, after we hung up. We were talking about his new book, “Scaling… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Exploit Persistent Dissatisfaction

Real leaders live with an itch that can’t be scratched. Be happy with dissatisfaction or live an unsatisfying life. Dissatisfaction drives leaders. Those who tell us to accept the world as it is, would… Continue reading

Seven Power Tips for Spotting Future Leaders

You’ll fail apart from surrounding yourself with talented people. This means: Great leaders identify and develop great leaders. One of my favorite Jack Welch quotes is, “The team with the best players wins.” But,… Continue reading

Walking the Leadership Tightrope

I’m so committed to pressing into the future that it’s hard to enjoy the present. You can’t lead if you aren’t dissatisfied. How are you navigating the leadership tightrope between what is and… Continue reading