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The Unalterable Law of Energy

Low energy is fatigue. No energy is death. Only 11% of us had a great deal of energy yesterday. Tom Rath Healthy fatigue rests joyfully, but weariness dreads tomorrow. Success with energy, according… Continue reading

4 Unexpected Sources of Strength Available to Tired Leaders

Opportunities are squandered on the weak. Fatigue magnifies problems. Energy without strength is a fly in a hurricane. Weakness and fatigue make solutions irrelevant and achievement impossible. Strength shrinks obstacles. Fatigue makes every… Continue reading

Whining in the Workplace

Leaders hear whining about teammates and other leaders. Reminds me of kids in the backseat. “He touched me!” “Bob spoke harshly to me.” “Mary’s clothing is too casual.” “Bill Doesn’t like me.” “Mary… Continue reading