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Your Secret Power to Energize People

Pouring mud in the cup doesn’t energize people.

Worms like mud. People like sunshine.

10 Unexpected Actions That Energize Your Team Today

10 Unexpected Actions That Energize Your Team Today Life is better for you when you fuel other people’s energy. What could you do today to energize others? Still curious: How to Honor the… Continue reading

How to Honor the Law of Vitality

You’re worn out because the escalator is going down and you’re going up. You stumble because you won’t turn around. Some things don’t work no matter how hard you try. People often ask… Continue reading

The Unalterable Law of Energy

Low energy is fatigue. No energy is death. Only 11% of us had a great deal of energy yesterday. Tom Rath Healthy fatigue rests joyfully, but weariness dreads tomorrow. Success with energy, according… Continue reading

Energy for a New Year

Lousy leaders drain people; successful leaders energize. Do eyes light up when you’re around? Those who make the biggest difference, energize others. The law of energy is put more in than you take out.… Continue reading