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What’s the First Thing People Say After Speaking Your Name

Reputation is the thing you’re known for, especially when it’s bad. Toads have a reputation for giving warts. But you get warts from people, not toads. A bad reputation clings like muck even… Continue reading

The Children AREN’T Nestled and the Creatures ARE Stirring

Clement Clark Moore needs a reality check. He penned “The Night Before Christmas.” Moore made the whole thing up, including eight tiny reindeer. I think he wanted to do a good thing, but… Continue reading

On Unicorns and Fairy Dust

I’ve rejected the “savior-leader” model but still feel pressure to be one. Savior-leaders arrive on unicorns and solve problems by sprinkling fairy dust over people and organizations. Poof! Everything is magically fixed. Internal: Internal… Continue reading