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When Trying Harder Doesn’t Help

The worst thing forward-facing leaders face is not making progress – feeling stuck. The solution for most is trying harder. Stepping on the gas feels right, but it’s wrong, when there’s no traction.… Continue reading

Ten Leadership Shifts that Change Everything

Self-inflicted frustrations defeat when leaders won’t adapt to new circumstances. Leaders want to change circumstances rather than changing themselves. Seizing opportunities requires shifts in thinking, attitude, behavior, and responsibility. The greater the opportunity… Continue reading

Seven Power Tips for Spotting Future Leaders

You’ll fail apart from surrounding yourself with talented people. This means: Great leaders identify and develop great leaders. One of my favorite Jack Welch quotes is, “The team with the best players wins.” But,… Continue reading

On Turtles and Rabbits – Finding Pace

***** Few leaders find effective pace naturally. You’re running in circles because of two types of mistakes; both have to do with pace. You’re either too slow or too fast. Pokey Turtle: Scan… Continue reading