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15 Powerful Shifts that Transform Leadership

Know-it-alls are completely predictable. They don’t change. Those who already know never develop new skills, embrace new ways of thinking, or grow as leaders. Everyone who grows changes. Everyone who changes behaves differently… Continue reading

The Two Qualities that Make Leaders Great

Some leaders are humble. Others are driven. The great ones are both. When Jim Collins set out to write, “Good to Great,” he set out to write about great organizations, not great leaders.… Continue reading

How to Help People Solve Their Problems

Every time you impose your solution on their problem you devalue and degrade others. Experienced leaders see the world through their own strengths. The question isn’t what would you do. The question is what action… Continue reading

How to be Humble without being a Loser

Hideous leadership is hedonistic, haughty, haphazard, hypocritical, hesitant, and halfhearted. The four weaknesses of haughty leadership. Haughty leaders: Harpoon creativity with bureaucracy. Arrogance needs control. Hassel progress by hounding and meddling. Hovering leaders… Continue reading

If You Aren’t Dumb You’re Stupid

Fearful leaders keep people in their place with fear. Fear leads with fear. On the other hand, confident leaders build self-confident followers. Build-up others – ask for advice. Most leaders say they believe… Continue reading