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What Leaders Get All Wrong About Leadership

I did leadership all wrong for years. I held leadership positions without understanding effective leadership practices. My early education was in theology. Tragically, I had no training in leadership. My leadership journey includes… Continue reading

Exposing god-like Advisers

There’s a long line of individuals who tell you how to lead. Nearly all do the same thing. They tell you how they would do it. But, they aren’t you. Arrogant advisers believe they are gods molding… Continue reading

Overcoming the Downside of Pursuing Excellence

The problem with the pursuit of excellence is there is no done, only better. Done satisfies. Move on. Yes! There is no check box in the pursuit of excellence. The second challenge with… Continue reading

The “But” of Leadership

***** Success is harder to handle than failure. Yesterday, I reconnected with the Chief Security Officer at Microsoft, Michael Howard. I’m freakishly interested in leadership so I asked him about his own leadership… Continue reading

Helping Others Begin Their Leadership Journey

When leadership is about making things better it’s inclusive not exclusive; functional not positional. Everyone who asks, “How can I help us make things better?” is on a leadership journey regardless of position.… Continue reading

Can Complainers Become Leaders

Are complainers potential leaders? Listen closely to their complaints; learn from their techniques. Seeing problems is the beginning of leadership; circling problems ends leadership. Some see problems and complain; leaders see problems and seek solutions.… Continue reading