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How to Uncover Your Greatest Value

Image source The people you serve determine the value you bring. The owners of a growing company didn’t appreciate the greatest value they brought their customers. Surprisingly, it wasn’t their products and services.… Continue reading

How to Find the Heart of Business

If you don’t know why you are here, how will you know what to do? Life without purpose has no dignity, no direction, and no enduring passion. What’s true for you is true for… Continue reading

How to Brag without being a Braggart

If the right people don’t know about your work your work doesn’t matter. It may be important. It may be valuable. But, you’ll never get ahead if those over you don’t know your… Continue reading

How to Build Your Leadership Brand

People who aren’t known for something haven’t done anything. “How to Build a Brand,” was the title we settled on for a recent presentation. It included social media content and making money using your online… Continue reading