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The Best Mentors Do These Six Things

New Book Giveaway! Leave a comment on this guest post by Lisa Z. Fain to become eligible win a complimentary copy of her and Lois J. Zachary’s new book, The Mentor’s Guide, 3rd… Continue reading

Rediscovering the Joy of Mentoring

Mentoring makes life richer for everyone. Image of aged journals.

How We Really Learn to Lead

You learn to lead the same way babies learn to walk, by observation, training, and experimentation. Development in any arena begins by seeing what’s possible. Moms and dads show children what’s possible. Michael… Continue reading

The Surprising Secret to Finding Mentors

The dark side of leadership is worse when you feel alone. Leaders face frustration, disappointment, confusion, doubt, stress, fear, and more. Hopelessness defeats leaders unless they replenish strength and find direction. Hope is… Continue reading