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Peter Drucker on Opportunities

Problems feel present even though they occurred in the past.

Negatives exert stronger pull than positives.

How to get a grip on opportunities…

A Delightful Accident

I like soft fudge. A little softer than Play-Doh is perfect. The original maker of Play-Doh was a soap company, Kutol Products. It was used for 20 years to clean wallpaper. It’s use… Continue reading

Dear Dan: When is it Time to Leave a Job?

Dear Dan, This is my 10th year working at the same place. When is it time to leave a job? How will I know if I should stay or go? I don’t want… Continue reading

A Promotion is Like a Dog Chasing a Car – Now What

You’re like a dog chasing a car when you earn a promotion. After you catch it, what do you do with it? You earned a new job, project, or promotion. Now what? The… Continue reading

Please Help Me Connect with My CEO

Conform! If you don’t fit in you’re a dangerous lose cannon. Fit in before standing out. Conformity opens the door for your creativity. Hotshots: John Spence told me he’s seen hotshots arrive on the… Continue reading