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7 Truths about Chronic Complainers Every Leader Needs Today

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.” Dale Carnegie Chronic complainers: Seek validation. Constant complaining is a plea for attention. Feel powerless. Complainers see themselves as weak and… Continue reading

Fight for Bright: 3 Aspects of Asset Based Thinking

Pessimists feel optimistic about Murphy’s law. I’m so much of a pessimist that I think optimists are faking. Talking about optimism irritates true pessimists. I’m not alone. Pessimists – people who see the… Continue reading

From Defeated Pessimist to Realistic Optimist

***** Pessimists can’t lead. Solving problems requires you first see and acknowledge them. If you plan to move forward, stop dancing around the elephant and dance with it. Ask hard questions. Healthy pessimism serves leaders.… Continue reading