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5 Performance Saboteurs You Can Solve Quickly

You go further when you drop the saboteur you carry on your back. 1. The saboteur of getting up late: A frantic morning is the beginning of a distracted day. “I wake up… Continue reading

A Formula for the Best Day Ever PT. II

It’s ridiculous to think your best day is an accidental collision of fortunate events. I admit that good accidents might happen – if you wait long enough. But why wait? End your day… Continue reading

Rethink Your New Year’s Resolution Before it’s too Late

You respect yourself less when you break commitments you make to yourself. New Year’s resolutions seduce us into decisions that undermine self-respect. Don’t like doesn’t work: You don’t like your weight. You hate… Continue reading

7 Things my Imperfect Boss Did Right and You Can Too

You can do many things wrong if you do a few important things right. The boss you don’t want to be: The paranoid boss that fears what others are saying about her. She… Continue reading

Do What You Haven’t Done to Get What You Haven’t Got

My answer is underwhelming and disappointing when I’m asked how I built a global audience for Leadership Freak. First I say, “I’m not sure.” The truth is I did something I hadn’t done.… Continue reading

You Want to Contribute – What Really Holds You Back

What really holds you back: #1. Unfocused intention. Leaders rise to the level of their focus. Intending something to happen doesn’t make it happen. Making a difference in the world is an intention… Continue reading