Listening to fear

If you aren’t afraid then you aren’t going anywhere.  You should be afraid.  If you don’t feel afraid, you’re life is too safe, too predictable.

I’ve found fear on both sides of success.  On the front side of success, I’ve been afraid of failing.  And on the back side of success, I’ve been afraid of failing.   Honestly, fear of failure before success is better than fear of failure after success.  There is less to lose if you fail before you succeed.

Leaders don’t overcome fear.  They face it.  They live with it.  They listen to it.

Listen to fear.

It’s telling you where you must go.  Fear is standing in front of the door you must open.  It’s blocking the path you must walk down.  It’s showing you the truth.

Listen to your fears.

  1. Husbands, you’re afraid you are giving more than you are getting.  Keep giving.
  2. Leaders, you’re afraid if you keep going you will fail.  Keep going.
  3. Volunteer, you’re afraid you aren’t appreciated.  Give appreciation.
  4. Parents, you’re afraid your child will fail without you.  They won’t.

Reach through the jeering beast and turn the knob on the door where fear stands.  The more profound the fear the more important it is to listen.

Struggling with your next decision?  Listen to fear.  It’s showing you the way.

What path is fear blocking? What fear should you listen to? When should you not use fear in a positive way?

Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell