Community update 04/17/10

Thank you to everyone leaving comments on LF. When you leaving comments you reach out to others and give back to the community.

A recent comment included a request for resources related to running meetings. Thanks to Dr. Mrunal K. Asher, Professor-Marketing at ITM Business School, Kharghar, India for his suggests.

‘How to Manage Meetings’ by Alan Barker

Organizing and Participating in Meetings’ by Judith Leigh

‘Effective Meetings’ by Phil Hodgson & Jane Hodgson (This is a reference work, not for the faint in heart)

Sunday, I’m leaving Pennsylvania for Oregon to teach for a week. Among other things, I’m excited to deliver a six hour seminar on creating personal mission and vision.

Tuesday, watch for guest blogger, Shawn Graham, author of, “Courting Your Career.” Leave a comment and win a free, signed copy of his book.

New Opportunity: After writing “Influence over a Cup of Coffee,” it occurred to me that we need encouragement to pour our life experiences into another person’s life. I’d like to create a Facebook group with the purpose of encouraging and enabling leaders to reach out to at least six persons a year. I’m not talking about long-term mentoring. I’m talking about creating an informal one-time opportunity to pour something useful from our lives into another.

In addition, I’m not looking for something else to do. Anything we do will be managed by those most passionate and experienced in this area.  Are there two or three LF readers prepared to flesh this idea out with me? I’m keeping it simple, encouraging, and enabling.


Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell