The Power of Pain

Pain motivates change. Without it we remain stuck. Motivated by it we adapt.

I’m not talking about transitory physical pain. I’m talking about struggling with meaning at work, career drift, and activity without higher purpose.

In some cases you can fake it till you make it but not with inner pain. For example, waking up grumpy on Monday morning eventually goes away. You can fake it till you make it. Inner angst won’t go away. If you ignore it, it yells louder. Closing your eyes to it magnifies it. Push it away and it gains power. That’s good because it’s demanding your attention.

Listening to Pain

#1. Don’t plug your ears and pretend everything is OK. Don’t fake it till you make it.

#2. Talk it over with trusted friends, mentors, or coaches. Don’t pull any punches.

#3. Do less not more. You may be tempted to work harder. Doing more of the same thing won’t satisfy new dissatisfactions.

#4. Realize that your inner pain is not about others. Don’t blame. Accept personal responsibility.

Your inner pain won’t let you continue on dead-end roads. If you listen it will motivate you to seek counsel and meaningful change.


What recommendations can you offer to Leadership Freak readers struggling with meaning at work?


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