Community update – 05/23/10

Last weekend we were in Colorado for our son’s graduation. It was great visiting. It’s great being back in Pennsylvania. Thanks for the well-wishes. I appreciate it.

Our son’s graduation gave me the opportunity to think back on my own graduation. One phrase circles in my head. “You weren’t stupid enough to be smart.” It’s odd that the path to wisdom begins with being dumb. I heard this illustrated in a movie when a lead character said. “you can’t put anything in a full cup.” His comment was directed at an over confident character who felt he already knew it all. Wise leaders remember their cup isn’t full.

Related John Maxwell puts it this way:

“The greatest obstacle to discovery isn’t ignorance or lack of intelligence. It’s the illusion of knowledge.”

“If you want to lead, you must learn. If you want to continue to lead, you must continue to learn.”


The look of Leadership Freak is changing. I’ve added a custom header and as time allows, I’ll be adding other pages. For example, I want to honor those who consistently add value to the Leadership Freak community. With that in mind I’m thinking of a page for the bio’s of those who consistently add value to the Leadership Freak community, perhaps a “Featured Commenter’s” page? Additionally, it could include links to their website. What do you think of this idea? Any problems that might emerge? How many words in a Featured Commenter’s bio would be appropriate? How should featured commenter’s be selected?


Finally, thank you for your comments, corrections, additions, and tweets.  In addition, I enjoy receiving your email messages. Some are instructive, others encouraging, and some share your personal questions or struggles. Rest assured that I respect your transparency and I’m committed to maintain your privacy. The Leadership Freak conversation is my favorite part of blogging.


Leadership Freak,

Dan Rockwell