Get out the vote

On November 15, I was honored to be one of 11 leadership blogs nominated for the Best Leadership Blog of 2010.  Leadership Freak is the new person on a list of great blogs. It sounds like a cliché, but I’m honored just to be mentioned in their company.

The winner will be the blog receiving the most votes by December 15 (One vote per email address). Click here to vote.

I began blogging seriously in January, 2010. Your positive response encourages me. I love learning, adding value, and building the LF community. I’m having so much fun writing and meeting people. Just the other day someone from Sri Lanka subscribed.

If you don’t vote for Leadership Freak, please consider one of the others on the list. However, if you vote for Leadership Freak, I promise to lower taxes, create high-paying jobs, and establish world peace. 🙂 Seriously, I appreciate your consideration.

Thanks to Kevin Eikenberry (@kevineikenberry) for hosting the Best Leadership Blog of 2010.