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10 Best Questions Ever

If you’re interested in building relationships, start asking questions.  If you’re interested in enhancing your opportunities and reaching higher, start asking questions. If you want to honor someone, ask them a question. Asking… Continue reading

Listening to fear

If you aren’t afraid then you aren’t going anywhere.  You should be afraid.  If you don’t feel afraid, you’re life is too safe, too predictable. I’ve found fear on both sides of success. … Continue reading


Leaders go places. You won’t be certain of how to get there.  You won’t be certain of the outcomes. Go with your highest point of confidence. Once you identify your highest point of… Continue reading

Sweet backstabbers

Everyone in the group nodded in agreement when I asked if they had experienced someone pretending to help them while at the same time cutting them down.  The group consisted of a business… Continue reading

Criticize me

Last week I invited a trusted friend to give me some constructive criticism.  I asked him to answer this question. “Can you tell me three things that I do that hold me back?”… Continue reading

Burn your job description

Traditional job descriptions are a relic of a past age when jobs didn’t evolve, society seemed stable, economies seemed predictable, and people were more inclined to do what they were told. Here’s a… Continue reading