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The Ultimate Pursuit of Leadership

It’s normal to complain; it’s leadership to make something better. The consistent pursuit of improvement yields unfathomable advantage. Improvement is the ultimate pursuit of leadership. Choose the goal: Know where you’re going before… Continue reading

Smart Help – 7 Questions to Ask Before Helping

Successful leaders help people, but helping has disadvantages you might not see. Don’t rush to help. Strength rises to challenges. Don’t get in the way. Ease bores talented people. Challenge brings out people’s… Continue reading

Develop a Leader’s Perspective: Master the Ripple Effect

One of the biggest challenges of leadership is lack of imagination. A leader’s perspective includes imagination. All the important things you do begin with imagination. Everything in the world began with imagination. The… Continue reading

5 Practical Ways to Evaluate Optimism

“Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.” Nietzsche Our bluebirds lost hope this year and it’s good they did. Lost hope: Spring was mild… Continue reading

Positive Thinking – 5 Affirmations for the Real World

You could tell yourself you’re pretty like Brad Pitt, but it won’t help. You can affirm that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, but I just checked the list, and you… Continue reading

When You Lose Yourself

There’s a joyful side to losing yourself and there’s a corrosive side. Achievement corrodes identity when you lose yourself to work. You dilute yourself into a title; self-worth is measured in perks and… Continue reading