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Confronting Toxicity

Average leaders get things done. Exceptional leaders build environments where others get things done. Average leaders fix. Exceptional leaders build. You begin thinking leadership is all about results, but come to learn it’s about… Continue reading

Top Five Qualities of an Asshole

“We have a no asshole policy at Baird.” (Beth Kavelaris, Director of Culture & Integration, Robert W. Baird & Co. at the Great Place to Work Annual Conference 2013) I was impressed with… Continue reading

Seven Proven Strategies for Dealing with Liars

Leaders lie because they don’t care enough to tell the truth. It’s too much trouble convincing know-it-alls, for example, so they smile and let them believe they’re right. They say, “That sounds fine.”… Continue reading

The Secret to Defeating Manipulators

Don’t get played. Cowards, manipulators, and backstabbers encourage you to take risks so they don’t have to. They posture in shadows. Let others get dirty. They step into the light when it’s safe.… Continue reading

How the Need for Fairness Destroys People

The need for fairness prevents people in the middle from reaching the top. Every organization of any size has slackers, drifters, and fence sitters. Top management should deal with them, but sometimes they… Continue reading

Handling Co-Worker Complaints and Backstabbing

Here’s a question from a recent workshop participant. “How do you handle someone complaining about a co-worker?” First, you want people to come to you. Some managers want challenges, problems, and people to… Continue reading