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5 Insights I Learned From Top Authors in 2016

If you’re not learning, you’re dying. 5 insights I learned from top authors in 2016 #1. Organizations need both disruption and stability to thrive. That’s Not How We Do it Here, John Kotter. Over-managed organizations… Continue reading

The Single Most Transformative Force in Leadership

The single most transformative force in leadership is a conversation. Conversations with leaders, authors, and coaching clients changed me most in 2016. It’s that way every year. We grow in community, not isolation.… Continue reading

How Curiosity is the Answer for Arrogance

The risk of self-development is getting sucked into your self when leadership is actually about serving others. Above all, humility is a practice that centers on serving others. The risk of self-development is… Continue reading

Overcome 68% Disengagement with Goldstein’s 5 Principles of Engagement

Robots do what they’re told, but people need a sense of power and control to be engaged. In traditional organizations, management is about taking control, not giving it. No wonder disengagement scores hover around… Continue reading

How to Turn Cautious Teammates into Visionary Thinkers

Visionary thinking typically receives quick turndowns from cautious leaders. People start thinking small and safe. Everyone dreams small when cautious judgmental leaders control decisions. Traditional management culture encourages everyone to lower expectations and ask for… Continue reading

How Two Mistakes Resulted in a $150 Million Business

Mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Sometimes they’re the beginning. Beginnings:  Paula Swain convinced her husband to leave a 15 year career to start a business from scratch on wrong information. He… Continue reading