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How to Face Disruptive Change and Thrive

Our response to change, challenge, or turmoil reveals more about us than it says about circumstances.  The arrival of Jesus felt like disruptive threat to some and opportunity to others. The same event… Continue reading

How to Reimagine and Redesign with Your Team

I wonder if achieving our dreams would ruin us? “I wish that we had torn the ticket up.” Jack Whittaker, winner of $315 million lottery.   How might you and your team need… Continue reading

How to Stop Defending What isn’t Working

We have the astonishing capacity to vigorously defend what isn’t working. When this happens, we eventually blame others for nagging issues. After all, someone has to be responsible for these frustrations. Four steps on… Continue reading

Why Old Dogs Don’t Learn New Tricks

“The chief object of education is not to learn things but to unlearn things.” G.K. Chesterton You can’t teach old dogs new tricks because unlearning is like breaking concrete with a toothpick. We… Continue reading

How to Build the Future by Asking Four Forward-Facing Questions

Frustration with teams and organizations is the result of avoiding questions that many leaders don’t dare to ask. Successful leaders ask forward-facing questions that define a future distinct from the past. 4 backward-facing questions: What’s… Continue reading

How to Move From Don’t-Want to Do-Want Leadership

Most people walk around with a big don’t-want inside. When I ask people what they want, they inevitably tell me what they don’t want. Don’t-want leadership: Frustration and pain point the way for… Continue reading