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Even Whiners Can Lead

Image source by George Hodan Whiners are potential leaders. But, pessimists can’t lead. Leader as whiner: Progress could be faster. Quality could be better. Team mates could give more. Organizations aren’t meeting needs.… Continue reading

Recollections of an Empty Cup

It’s the one year anniversary of my accident. I remember rehab. There’s pain, discouragement, and negativity in every hospital. Alongside darkness, you’ll find hope and healing in the people who work there. I… Continue reading

Overcoming the Downside of Pursuing Excellence

The problem with the pursuit of excellence is there is no done, only better. Done satisfies. Move on. Yes! There is no check box in the pursuit of excellence. The second challenge with… Continue reading

Yippee! It’s Whining Wednesday!

Why haven’t you complained that we haven’t had a complaint day in months? Give yourself permission to complain. Don’t be chicken. Let it fly! An occasional gripe session cleanses the soul. Rules: Absolutely… Continue reading