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The Seven Powers of Words

Complaining says stop or improve, but doesn’t improve anything. Encouraging points to behaviors or attitudes to continue, but doesn’t continue anything. The danger of talking is it feels like doing. The biggest waste… Continue reading

The Problem of Potential Problems

Alarmists are irritating. They push the panic button at the first hint of smoke. They see what might go wrong and yell fire. While you’re dealing with “real” issues, they’re dealing with things… Continue reading

Whining in the Workplace

Leaders hear whining about teammates and other leaders. Reminds me of kids in the backseat. “He touched me!” “Bob spoke harshly to me.” “Mary’s clothing is too casual.” “Bill Doesn’t like me.” “Mary… Continue reading

Ten Ways to Complain Successfully

Complainers, within organizations, are swamps of despair that drag down and demotivate. They feel good pointing out bad. Lazy bums point fingers and pull down. Building up is courageous, hard work. I’m complaining about complainers.… Continue reading

Addressing the Rotten-Apple-People Problem

Rotten apples – negative, destructive, self-absorbed, unethical employees – pollute organizations. Passive leaders – those who tolerate rotten apples – create rotten environments by default. Leaders who tolerate rotten apples are rotten themselves.… Continue reading

One Question for All Complainers and Critics

Get out of leadership if criticism and complaints keep you up at night. You’ll die from lack of sleep. The toughest criticism to handle is directed at a team mate or colleague, not… Continue reading