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How to Deal with Distractions While Making Crucial Decisions

You’re making a crucial decision and a few stakeholders want to air unrelated concerns or grievances. Distractors bring up peripheral issues when crucial decisions are under consideration.  Distractions include: #1. New opportunities. You… Continue reading

How to Give Guidance Without Giving Answers

The great temptation of leadership is giving answers instead of guidance. Experience makes answer-giving easy. But there’s an ego factor as well. It feels great to KNOW when others don’t. At first, giving… Continue reading

In Reality Mr. Spock Couldn’t Make the Simplest Decision

Only 30% of individual behavior is rational — the other 70% is emotional.  (The Gallop 2017 Global Emotions report – registration required for free download.) Mr. Spock: Logic is only part of decision-making. The… Continue reading

How to Help Cautious Decision-Makers Make Commitments

Great results require meaningful commitments. A commitment is saying NO many times in service to a meaningful YES. The truth about MAYBE: I hate MAYBE. Just say yes or no! Maybe is worse… Continue reading

How to Show Up Like a Leader Today

The most important leadership choice of the day is choosing how you show up. Don’t react to people and circumstance. Respond from intention. Show up: How you show up determines where you end… Continue reading

Dear Dan, I Was Enticed by Another Company and They Let Me Down

Dear Dan, I read your blog My Boss Didn’t Keep His Promises. I would like your advice on that issue. I was at a good company and making good money, however, management opportunities… Continue reading