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How to Adapt Without Losing Yourself

Image source The first thing Jim Parker, former CEO Southwest Airlines, said when I asked him to share the advice he most frequently gives leaders was, “Be yourself.” “I’m just being me,” can,… Continue reading

The Advantage of Strategic Disadvantage

The bluebirds emptied their nest, yesterday. Every year we watch the egg to flight ritual. One year we saw the young leave. This year we found one quaking in the grass. Beginning: Mother… Continue reading

10 Ways to Encourage Discouraged People

Leaders who lift get further than those who push down. Performance improves when people feel encouraged and declines when they lose hope. You don’t have to beat up high-performers – they do it to… Continue reading

10 Ways to Find Your Breakthrough

Image source Breakthrough moments rise up and grip you by the throat. Resist them and you’re stuck. Navigate them and you’ll achieve new levels of success. Many leaders resist the very thing that… Continue reading

Finding Extraordinary Success

After the open house ceremony, I looked Doug (far left) in the eye and said, “I was thinking about you as I drove in. The difference between average and extraordinary isn’t power or… Continue reading

Leadership’s Most Neglected Virtue

Few things are more devastating than being used and abused by those you support. Disloyalty burns like no other burn. Disloyalty demoralizes. Strength: The strength of an organization is expressed by the loyalty… Continue reading