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How Leaders Defeat Discouragement

You need encouragement because discouragement is real. How leaders defeat discouragement: #1. Embrace the three unglamourous basics of success. It might surprise you, but success begins with healthy food, restful sleep, and moderate… Continue reading

5 Ways to Cheer Up When You Feel Blue

Anyone who never feels blue needs to get in touch with reality. You feel blue when: Responsibilities weigh on you. This type of sadness often reflects loneliness. You poured yourself into a project… Continue reading

7 Ways to Stop Being a Grim Reaper Leader

Grim-Reaper-Leaders contaminate every environment. People feel you before they see you. Have you ever walked into a space and felt a bad vibe before seeing anyone?  Radius: Imagine waking up after an accident… Continue reading

How to Show Up in Ways that Ignite High Performance in Others

Your presence – the way you show up – impacts team performance. Positive emotion promotes high performance.* Know impact: Leaders who don’t know or don’t care about their presence can’t promote high performance… Continue reading

21 Ways to Fuel Vitality in Challenging Reality

Drooping shoulders and hanging hands point to dark water ahead. There’s a word for low energy leaders and low aspiration teams. Dying! 21 ways to fuel vitality in challenging reality: High vitality leadership… Continue reading

Drive For Results Vs. Need for Approval

Successful leaders have high drive for results (hi-DFR) and low need for approval (lo-NFA). The rule: The rule of drive: As drive for results (DFR) goes up – social courtesy goes down. Who… Continue reading