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Set Relationship Goals When Employee Retention Matters

I had a conversation with a high performing leader who is great at setting goals for results. But it’s time to set goals for relationships.

How can you make it delightful to work with you, even in high stress environments?

Become Extraordinary: Guidelines for Reaching High

The stuff I read about setting goals is dangerous because it works. The thing you reach for shapes you. Big goals destroy us when we reach for the wrong thing. Many lose what… Continue reading

Low Goals: 7 Unexpected Advantages

Better to set a small goal and meet it than a grand goal and feel defeated. I set a low goal for riding my stationary bike, 85 minutes a week. I reach my… Continue reading

The Road to Magnificent Living

Imagined life persecutes current life when big dreams devalue small practices. Dream it – achieve it, is a malicious lie until you act. The road to magnificent living is paved with action, not… Continue reading

3 Surprising Truths about Big Goals

Jim Collins explains the acronym BHAG – big harry audacious goal – in Built to Last. Big goals and weekend jeans have nothing in common. We say stupid things because everyone else says… Continue reading

Stop Asking Dangerous Questions Before the New Year

I think about the new year with a sense of urgency, even though its arrival is no surprise. Disappointments and successes come to mind. Then I ask myself, “What do I want to… Continue reading