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How Gratitude Shapes Identity

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” Cicero

An ungrateful leader is a staggering contradiction in terms.

Drink and Forget

A stream gurgles alongside the road to success. When thirsty travelers drink, they transform into barbarians.


The Surprising Source of Unintended Toxicity

Good intentions don’t guarantee positive results.

Toxicity is almost always unintended.

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5 Ways to Exploit the Circle of Life

The playfulness of life is seen in a boy feeding hay to cows. The circle of life was petulant on the farm. Every spring the fields turned green. In summer we made hay.… Continue reading

Efficiency: One Simple Plan to Lose Less Money

Organizations would be rich if they stopped losing money. 20% of every dollar earned by a company in the US is lost to employee time theft. Losses from theft, fraud, and other retail… Continue reading

5 Questions for Considering the Alternative

Summers passed slow when I was riding my bike with friends. Those days feel like yesterday. One season blurs into the next. Time gains momentum. I choose to enjoy time passing considering the… Continue reading