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Everything Good in Leadership Begins With…

Everything good in leadership begins with humility. Humility… #1. Humility enjoys the success of others. Arrogant leaders cringe at the success of others, even though leadership success hinges on the success of others. Humility… Continue reading

7 Ways Young Leaders Succeed with Elders

It’s growing more common for young people to lead teams that include elders. Some elders look down on their youngers. Entitlement: Entitlement expects respect or opportunity without earning it. Elders may expect respect… Continue reading

The Almost – But Not Quite – Leader

Hands go up when I ask, “How many have room to grow as leaders?” But, when I say, “Tell me where you need to grow,” it’s quiet. Heads nod when I say, “Leaders… Continue reading

How to Tap the Power of Permission for Happiness

Unhappy leaders build miserable teams. If you’re surrounded by unhappiness, it’s time to look in the mirror. The power of permission: Leaders gives permission by the example they set. Leaders give teams permission to be… Continue reading

How to Reach Beyond the Limitations of Your Talent

You suck at many things and excel at few. If you’re a “know all – decide all” leader: Create hierarchy. Stick with your expertise. Control everything. Surround yourself with kowtowing conformists. 5 signs you’re… Continue reading

7 Ways to be Pigheaded without being a Jackass

Success requires stubbornness. Think Winston Churchill or Gandhi. Be pigheaded about something magnificent. It can’t be done: Successful leaders find energy in challenge and difficulty. Watch what happens when you tell a leader… Continue reading