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A New Approach to Hire the Smart People

Stop asking stupid questions if you hope to hire the right people. Job interview questions that DON’T work: #1. Questions that begin, “Tell me about a time…” The past doesn’t predict the future… Continue reading

A Job Interview Question that Predicts How Someone Will Lead

The job interview begins when you ask an unexpected question. A job interview question that predicts how someone will lead: “If you had to work for a leader who was outstanding in five… Continue reading

10 Surprising Job Interview Questions that Identify the Right People

A job interview is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Paraphrased from Forest Gump. Reality is more important than aspiration when it comes to job interviews.… Continue reading

Two Questions that Reveal Aspirations

I first heard the expression, “A typical job interview is a conversation between two liars,” on a call to Buenos Aires in 2014. It’s not just job interviews. People pretend they’re someone they… Continue reading

5 Principles that Expand and Sustain Your Leadership

Success includes good fortune. But HBR author Amy Jen Su believes long-term success goes beyond luck and includes five practical principles. Purpose. Process. People. Presence. Peace. She explained her ideas in our recent… Continue reading

How Servant Leaders Deliver Remarkable Results

Pressure produces compliance, not commitment. The compliant never achieve greatness. It’s not leadership to declare a random goal and pressure people to perform. “Increase profits by ten percent!” The heart of servant leadership… Continue reading