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The Almost – But Not Quite – Leader

Hands go up when I ask, “How many have room to grow as leaders?” But, when I say, “Tell me where you need to grow,” it’s quiet. Heads nod when I say, “Leaders… Continue reading

4 Surprising Times to Leap for Joy

Issues, problems, and challenges suck the joy out of leaders. Miserable leaders drain organizational energy. (People assume you’re miserable if you don’t express joy.) Joy is energy. Joy is an expression of wisdom and strength, not… Continue reading

Stop Wasting Energy – Deliver the Real Results of Leadership

Confusion regarding the real results of leadership causes leaders to waste their time doing the wrong things. The real results of leadership are people and teams who live up to their potential. The… Continue reading

7 Ways to be Pigheaded without being a Jackass

Success requires stubbornness. Think Winston Churchill or Gandhi. Be pigheaded about something magnificent. It can’t be done: Successful leaders find energy in challenge and difficulty. Watch what happens when you tell a leader… Continue reading

How to Forget Like a Leader

Lousy leaders remember what they should forget and forget what they should remember. The power of the past is the permission you give it to influence the present. You expected someone to step… Continue reading

Lost in the Mirror

The purpose of self-reflection is finding the capacity to bring your best self to challenges and opportunities, not self-obsession. Find yourself to lose yourself. Who you are defines how you serve best. Obsession: A… Continue reading