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4 Principles of Responsible Boldness

Timid action insults your future. But in some organizations, boldness is perilous. 5 signs it’s perilous to be bold: Upper management believes the status quo is daring. Everyone colors within the lines. Responsible… Continue reading


My habit is to quickly get to a substantive topic, even if I don’t know you. It lets people know that I have meaningful conversations. It’s who I am and what I do.… Continue reading

The 7 Biggest Blunders of The Experienced Leader

#1. Forgetting who serves who. Leaders serve others so others can serve others. It’s easy to begin thinking the people around you are there to serve you. Repeat to yourself, “I’m here to… Continue reading

Beyond Crazy…

Another book giveaway!! The giveaways of Mark Miller’s new book, Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture, are going so well that we’re doing it again!! 30 more free books!!! Leave a comment on… Continue reading

How to Build the Future by Asking Four Forward-Facing Questions

Frustration with teams and organizations is the result of avoiding questions that many leaders don’t dare to ask. Successful leaders ask forward-facing questions that define a future distinct from the past. 4 backward-facing questions: What’s… Continue reading

5 Lessons from a Lifetime of Mistake-Making

The real value of mistake-making is turning toward the future with less baggage. The future is built by both endings and beginnings. Wisdom gained from mistakes is about endings. It’s useful only as it… Continue reading