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Four Ways to Become a One Word Organization

I’ve been practicing, “One Word,” for three years. It’s a fascinating practice that I learned from Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. “Ask,” is my word for 2016. One word for organizations:… Continue reading

7 Ways Leaders Promote Unhappiness

Unhappiness is easier than happiness like lousy leadership is easier than remarkable.  The best way to promote unhappiness is to neglect happiness. Leaders who neglect happiness lead unhappy teams. 7 ways leaders promote unhappiness: Waste… Continue reading

10 Secrets to Changing Trajectory Today

Sometimes you compare where you are with where you want to be and feel defeated. Other times, it feels like your feet are tangled in the sheets. When dreams are big, progress feels… Continue reading

4 Steps Toward Optimism

Low-energy organizations stumble over pessimistic leaders. Making a difference feels like swimming with rocks in your pockets. Pessimism is a lifeless struggle toward oblivion. Necessary negatives: “Shoe drop” leadership is necessary. Even in… Continue reading

The Potter’s Wheel of Leadership

Listen to your language. It points to the future. Habits of speech are the potter’s wheel of leadership. Both you and your organization are formed by the language you repeat. Choose your language before it… Continue reading

Optimistic Discontent

Hope is optimistic discontent. Every act of leadership is an act of optimism. Pessimists can’t lead. Any form of contentment that induces slumber degrades you. Be content with your present and discontent with your… Continue reading