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5 Deadly Beliefs That Limit Leaders

Action begins with belief. Wrong beliefs result in wasted effort. Ineffective leaders believe wrong things about themselves, others, situations, and organizations. 5 deadly beliefs that limit leaders: Deadly belief #1. The problem is out… Continue reading

Breaking the Glum-Leader Syndrome

I’ve met some unhappy leaders. Perhaps they love position, power, prestige, or the paycheck. But, they drain energy from people and teams. Unhappy leaders lead unhappy teams. Do something else if leading makes you… Continue reading

15 Ways to Tap the Power of Gratitude

Ungratefulness spoils everything it touches. Ungratefulness slithers out of a black muck that’s called, “don’t like,” “don’t want,” “don’t have,” and, “not enough.” There is no positive side to the slimy beast of ungratefulness. Gratitude… Continue reading

7 Ways to Deal with Weakness in Others

I’m kicking myself for the way I responded to his enthusiasm. He’s energized about the possibility of a new role. I reminded him of one thing he doesn’t do well. I’m playing not… Continue reading

10 Ways to Pursue Excellence Without Negativity

The difference between leading and losing is the courage to pursue excellence without getting sucked into negativity. Pursue excellence or mediocrity prevails. Everyone rises to excellence or eases into mediocrity. Mediocrity ignites apathy. Those who… Continue reading

How Positive Thinking Really Works

I start feeling negative when I hear, “Stop thinking negative thoughts.” Positive thinking is important. Successful leaders are optimistic about success. But, positive thinking that results in fantasies about easy success are ridiculous. If success… Continue reading