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Smart Help – 7 Questions to Ask Before Helping

Successful leaders help people, but helping has disadvantages you might not see. Don’t rush to help. Strength rises to challenges. Don’t get in the way. Ease bores talented people. Challenge brings out people’s… Continue reading

3 Questions that Identify Deadweight

Generous leaders fight avoidable battles. I’m all for big hearted leadership, but confusion concerning generosity creates catastrophe.   No one loves serving small hearted leaders who… Big hearted leaders: If you seek big… Continue reading

5 Ways to Use Success to Create Success

Easy wins are like cotton candy, sweet and fleeting. Worthwhile achievements are hard won. You create success with focused action done consistently. Good fortune might contribute to success, but sweat is the winner’s… Continue reading

10 New Ways to Be Practical

If you started over, what would you do differently? One leader from Procter & Gamble said, “I’d . . . be less practical in my career choice, and more passionate; I’d pursue bigger… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: 12 Quiet Quitting Remedies

Thanks to TikTok everyone is talking about ‘quiet quitting’. Definitions of quiet quitting: Quiet quitting doesn’t mean that an employee has quit, but they are setting boundaries at work and refusing to go… Continue reading

The Journey to True Success

I have, in large part, become who I was when I was a kid. True success is becoming your best self. Don’t waste years trying to become someone you aren’t. What happens when… Continue reading