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3 Must-Haves for Every Great Team Member

Success is always about people. The stronger your team, the higher your reach. #1. Only hire curious people. Dolts and divots don’t ask questions. It doesn’t matter how smart they appear to be.… Continue reading

How to Complain Like a Leader

Habitual complainers stink like babies with dirty diapers. But everyone who brings up difficult issues, problems, and concerns isn’t an energy sucking complainer. 3 types of complainers: #1. Complainers who excuse their complaining… Continue reading

How to Feel in Control and Six other Powers of Leadership Rituals

Repetition feels like drudgery.  Don’t let disdain of repetition be the reason you miss the power of leadership rituals. 7 powers of leadership rituals: #1. Rituals make you feel powerful. Express your power to… Continue reading

5 Powerful Leadership Behaviors Any Leader Can Do in 2017

#1. Distill challenges and opportunities into one word. Create focus.  All high performance requires focus. Chasing urgencies dilutes success. Choose what matters. Ignore what doesn’t matter. (You can’t have it all. You can’t do it… Continue reading

A Leadership Lesson from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Rudolph was a treasure waiting to be discovered. Irritants become advantages in the right situation. My impatience irritates a person on my team. (It probably irritates lots of people.) I’ll call him Mr.… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become the Leader People Look To When it Counts

Unrealistic kindness and untempered helpfulness result in unreliability. A reliable average leader is more valuable than unreliable top talent.  Reliability validates your value. The good news is, reliability doesn’t take talent.   Reliability… Continue reading