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How to Coach Your Boss to Success without Losing Your Job

Leadership success centers on bringing out the best in others, even your boss. Most leaders don’t enjoy being told what to do. Use questions rather than directions. But avoid manipulation. 3 strategies to… Continue reading

Newt Gingrich on John McCain

John McCain died of brain cancer on August 25, 2018. Newt Gingrich shared a surprising story about McCain. Standing with: Gingrich writes, “One of my most personal encounters with John was in 1986… Continue reading

Secret Sauce Sunday: The Day My Leadership Journey Began

Secret Sauce Sunday’s are my opportunity to invite leaders who I respect to share ideas that have changed their leadership. This post is by Abe Klassen, President of MC3 Manufacturing in Ontario, Canada.  … Continue reading

One Leader’s Surprising Experience with One-on-Ones

One of my coaching clients is developing his skill at holding one-on-ones with his management team. He’s learning you don’t have to choose between strong relationships and great results.  Strong relationships fuel great… Continue reading

7 Secrets to Spotting People You can Trust

Failure awaits all leaders who trust the wrong people. Surround yourself with people you can trust. Few things are more powerful than a team of talented people who trust each other. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Only 49% of All Employees Have a Great Deal of Trust in Their Boss

EY released Global Generations 3.0 research that found less than half of full-time workers surveyed globally between the ages of 19-68, place a “great deal of trust” in their employer, boss, or colleagues.… Continue reading