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Create Yourself: The Active Side of Authentic Development

“Young people searching for their “real self” must learn that the real self is not something one finds as much as it is something one makes; and it is one’s daily actions that shape the… Continue reading

A 3-Minute Adventure

Leadership is an adventure with an elusive destination. It would be easier if stability was common and turbulence less frequent. But busyness blinds us to the most important adventure. One day you look… Continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Practice Being Present Even Busy Leaders Can Try

Being present is getting there by being here. You aren’t present when one eye watches the clock. You’re absent when you intimidate with position or power. When you try to impress someone a… Continue reading

The Path to Authentic Leadership Often Misses 1 Key Ingredient

Some things are best understood through the lens of their opposite. Authentic leadership is one of them. If you’re not authentic you are: Fake Counterfeit Phony False Unreal Synthetic Sham Untrue Fabricated False… Continue reading

A Pig in a Suit Still Stinks

A professional environment is a pig sty that slows development, blocks innovation, and belittles authenticity. If professionalism is about competence, count me in. But there’s a difference between being professional and professional environments.… Continue reading

The Most Neglected and Misunderstood Tool of Leadership

Your most powerful tool of influence isn’t a strategy or technique. It’s a person. Your most powerful tool of influence is you. Brene’ Brown, author of, Daring Greatly, writes, “We must dare to show… Continue reading