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The Cure for Fear

The trouble with fear is sometimes it helps and sometimes it stabs you in the back. Helpful fear tells you to obey the speed limit because the cops are out on holidays. But… Continue reading

Navigating the Line Between Brash and Bold

Boldness ruins fools. Boldness doesn’t answer leadership issues. It causes many. But, “Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost The line between brash and bold is: Experience. Maturity. Counsel. Preparation. Perseverance. Reflection. Friendships.… Continue reading

7 Ways to Find Graceful Boldness

Boldness takes you further than reluctance. But, boldness is dangerous. Lack of boldness is bedfellow to inaction. But, boldness is an ugly beast when taken too far. The sins of inaction destroy more than… Continue reading

13 Ways to Overcome Timidity and Fuel Boldness

Stagnation emerges where uncertainty prevails. Fear pulls back and congeals the past. But, boldness builds the future. Boldness is the belief that hard work works. Bold teams achieve; timid teams survive. Lousy leaders… Continue reading