13 Ways to Overcome Timidity and Fuel Boldness


Stagnation emerges where uncertainty prevails. Fear pulls back and congeals the past. But, boldness builds the future.

Boldness is the belief that hard work works.

Bold teams achieve; timid teams survive.

Lousy leaders inspire uncertainty.

Timid environments reflect fearful leaders.

Bold leadership:

  1. Boldly engage in behaviors you expect from others. Don’t stand on the hill yelling for people to come up and join your team. Come down and join theirs. Organizations where leaders expect everyone to get on their team are limited by their leaders. Organizations where leaders get on everyone else’s team are limited only by the potential of teams.
  2. Don’t punish wave-making; honor it.
  3. Have their back. Simon Sinek masterfully explains the power of pulling together in, “Leaders Eat Last.” Listen to Simon explain the development of bold teams (4:20):

Building Boldness:

Repeating the same behavior over and over is running in circles. Boldness is the result of succeeding at something new.

  1. Invite coaching, mentoring, and training. Those open to coaching are teachable. They haven’t arrived. Every loser believes success is easy.
  2. Try something new. Boldness grows as you improve. Improvement is the result of stepping into untested behaviors. Repetition reinforces; trying something new grows.
  3. Solicit feedback.
  4. Adjustment.
  5. Trying something new again.
  6. And so on…

 Four Boldness tips:

  1. Focus on making things better for others. Insecurity grows when you focus on yourself. Focus on your own performance as it relates to making things better for others.
  2. Go with your highest point of confidence. Don’t wait for absolute certainty.
  3. Commit. Uncommitted people end up timid and unhappy. Uncommitted people find reasons why it’s dumb to commit. Excuses and boldness don’t mix. Commitment fuels energy, creativity, and resolve.
  4. Adjust your path not the destination.

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