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If You Aren’t Dumb You’re Stupid

Fearful leaders keep people in their place with fear. Fear leads with fear. On the other hand, confident leaders build self-confident followers. Build-up others – ask for advice. Most leaders say they believe… Continue reading

12 Ways to Find Your Confidence

*** Lack of confidence is the dirty secret in top leaders. Insecure leaders often cover insecurities with strutting. Cocky is compensation for lack of confidence. Cocky is phony confidence. Puffing up, putting down,… Continue reading

Setting Organizational Attitude and Tone

Circumstances don’t determine the atmosphere and tone of organizations, leaders do. Look around your office or leadership team. Is the tone positive or negative? Now, look at yourself. How are you perceived? Organizations… Continue reading

Finding Your Power

Focusing on what others should have done is an excuse maker’s paradise. Responses reflect values. Excuse maker and blamers value themselves above others. They’ll drive the knife in your back if it serves… Continue reading