12 Things Self-Confident People Do that Insecure People Avoid

A person who isn’t self-confident makes more work for others.

Everyone needs encouragement. Self-doubters need more.

Self-confident people dare to face problems on their own. Insecure managers and employees prolong tension because they avoid tough conversations.

If you need to be needed, hire people who aren’t self-confident.

Self-confident leaders are easier to trust. Image of mountain lake.

Self-confident people:

  1. Accept reality. Insecure people complain about things they can’t change.
  2. Define themselves by their own nature. Self-doubt needs to please everyone.
  3. Honor strength in others.
  4. Accept their own frailties. Insecure people hide their frailties. They learn and grow slowly.
  5. Adapt to others. When you accept your own frailties, you are able to accept others as well.
  6. Collaborate with others. Insecurity goes along. Confidence contributes.
  7. Own their behaviors. Self-doubt finds comfort in blaming.
  8. Listen with openness. Low confidence listens with defensiveness.
  9. Learn with delight. Those who fear being wrong learn slowly, if at all.
  10. Enjoy being praised without puffing up. Insecurity can’t enjoy a compliment.
  11. See opportunity where insecurity feels threat. The world is a threat to people who lack confidence.
  12. Enjoy life more.

10 practical ways to build self-confidence:

  1. Give yourself something important to do. Meaningless work is safe haven for insecurity.
  2. Take advice from a wise person. Don’t simply hear advice. Put it into practice.
  3. Get a courageous partner.
  4. Cheer yourself on. Say to yourself, “You can do this.”
  5. Finish something.
  6. Do something you’re putting off.
  7. Stay in your lane. Know your strengths and use them. Be yourself, not someone else. Insecurity is paralyzed by envy.
  8. Practice saying no with kindness. Have a friend ask you to do things so you can practice saying no.
  9. Stand up for something that matters.
  10. Practice the Wonder Woman pose.

Self-confident leaders are easier to trust and more likely to take on new challenges.

Confidence is displayed by the way we use our ears. Image of an ear.

What benefits do you see in hiring self-confident people?

How do you build your own self-confidence? What about self-confidence in others?

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